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Thelma & Hank 07/28/23

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Please fully read!

Go home day: September 23rd, 2023 🧡

We are so excited to meet you and have you meet your new baby! 

Puppies will be eating TLC Whole Life Dog Food (All life stages, not puppy formula). We feed all of our fur babies this formula and highly, highly recommend it.  Free shipping and auto-ship. You can also schedule to have food delivered a week before your new baby comes home!  Get $5 OFF Your Order When You Use Our Link:

Puppies will be eating 1 cup at 8 am, ½ cup at noon, and ½ cup around 5 pm. We recommend increasing the food serving within 2 weeks, and as they grow, once they are 12-18 months, they should be eating around 2-3 cups a day again. We recommend feeding the same formula throughout life. 

We also use and highly recommend Nuvet Vitamins for all of our dogs and puppies. We start puppies on Nuvet at 4 weeks of age. To make the transition into a new home go as smoothly as possible, and we recommend continuing them and keeping them on throughout their life! We also use all of Nuvet shampoos and love them!  Order them here: Code:61408

We will send home a supply of food and vitamins, blankets w/ mom & litter scent, AKC paperwork, and Health record. Puppies will have had several dewormings, first shots, and vet checks before going home with you! You should arrange a visit with your vet for a 2nd set of shots around September 29th- October 20th at 9-12 weeks old.  We also send home a health record with a recommended schedule for remaining vaccinations. 

I offer to register your puppy directly to you and pay the AKC costs, but I also send home your puppy's application if you’d rather register yourself. Please think of a registered name for your new baby by October 23rd if you'd like me to take care of it for you.

We also have started an Amazon list of products we use and highly recommend.

The Complete Labrador Handbook: The Essential Guide for New & Prospective Labrador Owners (Canine Handbooks)

Great for transitioning into a new home. The snuggle puppy is a soft doggy with a heartbeat noise and can be used with a heat pack to simulate mother/litter mates. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

I will schedule pickup times for Septmeber 23rd before hand. Please make time to arrive on schedule. Please also plan to bring your balance in cash. 

Please reach out with any questions, anytime 🧡

Thank you!




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